Outdoor Classroom

In cooperation with WCPSS and the PTA, Weatherstone Elementary is designing an outdoor classroom.  This page will be updated with progress as well as plans so that families will know about the improvements that we are making to our campus.

The PTA’s biggest role in this educational opportunity is to help fund the projects based on decisions made by the WES Staff.  In case you were wondering, your membership fee and support of the PTA fundraisers help make this plan a reality.

We are looking for someone to help us organize projects and work with the WES staff to ensure that the outdoor classroom reflects the current core curriculum for each grade level… If you’re interested, contact our Chair of Outdoor Classroom and get involved!

The image above is the master plan (click on it to see an enlarged version), designed with the core curriculum and STEM designation in mind.  These projects are not set in stone, but are more of a guideline based on feedback from the WES staff and actual property limitations.

In 2015 we added Ropes section to K-2 playground and a new quiet area as part of our Campus Improvement Plan.  If you haven’t had a chance, please visit that site (the lower playground on the right hand side of the school).  We have already:

  • removed of the 2 cottages
  • removed of the concrete basketball court
  • repaving the driveway with asphalt and painting with games
  • replacing the play structures with open grass space
  • purchased two soccer goals for the K-2 field

The existing playground will be repainted which extends the life of the playground for another 6 years, and hopefully we will be adding a new section this year.  A new shade has been ordered to protect the children and staff from the sun and this should be installed early fall.


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