Volunteer FAQ

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Q: What do I need to do?

A: All WCPSS volunteers must register and have an approved criminal background check prior to volunteering in WCPSS. All volunteers approved must reactivate their registration EVERY year to avoid having to undergo another criminal record check.  For more information visit http://www.wcpss.net/Domain/42.

Q: Where can I register?

A: All continuing volunteers approved for the previous school year MUST reactivate as a volunteer no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 31st each year. Volunteers may go to any WCPSS site and register through the intranet.  Access to the volunteer system is:  WCPSS Intranet – Business Applications – Volunteer Registration.

After October 31st, individuals previously approved may not volunteer without a new criminal record check.  To avoid unnecessary costs to the school system, principals and their staff should encourage continuing volunteers to reactivate early in the school year – and no later than October 31st.

The volunteer system will be open daily for reactivation/registration from July 1st, through October 31st, each year.

From November 1st, through the end of the year, the volunteer system will be open on Mondays only, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  However, during this time period, the volunteer system will be closed on the following on certain holidays and occasionally opens on other days when schools typically recruit volunteers during EOG testing season. School lists of approved and approved-to-drive volunteers will be available to principals by logging on to the volunteer system.

  1. Who doesn’t have to register?
  2. Guest speakers and parents coming to school to eat lunch with their children do not need to be registered as volunteers. People who show up at schools for single or random occasions such as awards assemblies and presenters at career fairs, academic fairs and fundraising assemblies do not need to be registered as volunteers.

Q: Do I have to go to each school where I have children?

A: No, you can register at any school. Be sure to list all children and the schools they attend so that each school can be notified of your clearance status.

Q: How can I find out if I have been approved?

A: Your child’s teacher will be notified about your clearance status through our school’s front office. If you have questions, please ask Mrs. Jackie Palmquist, our school receptionist. She receives an updated list of approved volunteers weekly.  The Media Center staff does not receive this information.

Q: How long will it take until I find out if I am cleared?

A: The amount of time it takes to process volunteer requests and background checks varies depending on the volume of requests. The highest volume occurs at the beginning of the school year. Parents and other volunteers are encouraged to register as early in the school year as possible.

Q: Can I volunteer at my child’s school while I am waiting for notification?

A: No. Unfortunately, all volunteers must register and receive clearance notification before volunteering at their children’s schools. This is per WCPSS Board Policy.

Q: If I am a chair for a committee, do I need to be registered as a volunteer?

A: Yes.  All committee chairs and members must be members of the PTA and must be cleared as a volunteer

Q: Am I allowed to have lunch with my child even though I have not been approved by WCPSS as a volunteer?

A: Yes.  WCPSS does not require parents to have volunteer clearance to eat lunch in the school cafeteria.  However, if you plan to participate in our Book-N-Bite program (where parents read to small groups of children in the classroom or outside – without teacher supervision) volunteer clearance is required.  Kindergarten parents may also be requested by their teacher not to have lunch with their child for the first few weeks of school to help children settle more easily into the kindergarten routine.

Q: What happens if I am denied??A: Volunteer applications will be processed as approved, approved for driving, or denied. Applicants who are denied will be notified in writing by the WCPSS Human Resources Department. Approved applicants will be notified by the school.

Q: I am a WCPSS employee. Do I need to register if I want to volunteer in my child’s school?

A: No. WCPSS employees do not have to register as volunteers to perform volunteer roles outside of their job assignment, such as volunteering for their own child’s school and/or class.

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