If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, we encourage you to contact us for more information.   Listed below are committees you can join, as well as positions that are still open.  We have opportunities for parents/caregivers of all backgrounds, so join us… we can’t do this without your help!  Contact us here.

Advocacy Committee – open Contact this committee
Every PTA® member is asked to step up and become a service leader in their community by identifying unmet needs in their schools, developing their own service projects, and recruiting new PTA and community members who are interested in the same issues. The Advocacy Committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality.
Audit Committee – Shelley Shaloub, 2 Open Contact this committee
This 3-member committee meets with the PTA Treasurer for monthly financial reviews that each last about 15 minutes, and also for the end-of-year audit in July that lasts about an hour.
Backpack Buddies– Megan Boughton & Shelley Shalhoub Contact this committee
We are looking for volunteers who are willing to donate food items to support WES Backpack Buddies.  The Backpack Buddies program collects food donations to go home with a student in need over the weekend and during breaks so they have enough food to eat.  We will have a donation drive every 8 weeks.  This is only during the school year, as there are resources that help them during the summer.  This program protects the privacy of the students and their families.
Book Fair – Open Contact this committee
This year the book fair will be held in our media center during late fall.  There will be a large selection of books to choose from and it is an exciting event for the children!  Volunteers are needed to help set up, assist students, serve as cashiers, and help count money.
Book Swap– Megan Boughton, Michelle Cummings Contact this committee
We will be collecting gently used books for our second Weatherstone Book swap near the end of the school year, so please don’t forget to save books that you’d like to donate throughout the year.  Every student that donates a book in our book swap will receive a “new” gently used book for each book they donate. The kids will be able to swap up to ten books. The kids just loved this event and were so happy to shop!  If you are interested in helping out with this event, please contact Michelle.
Boosterthon Fun Run – Megan Boughton, Shelley Shalhoub Contact this committee
The Boosterthon Fun Run chair will serve as a liason to the Boosterthon Team (a contractual fundraising company) to help organize and coordinate a 9-day high-energy fundraising event with daily character lesson – culminating in a Fun Run. This event is generally early Spring.
Box Tops – Shannon Whitson, Yasi Langdale Contact this committee
Did you know each Box Top is worth ten cents and that schools can earn up to $25,000 each year? This is one of the nation’s largest school earnings loyalty programs. By clipping and sending in Box Tops we earn cash to buy whatever we need most. Volunteers are needed to count, clip and package boxtops. This is an easy volunteer job that can be done from home.
Campus Clean Up Day Contact this committee
Campus Clean Up Day provides students and parents the opportunity to enhance the campus via twice yearly litter sweeps and other projects on an as needed basis. We are always looking for new ideas and happy helping hands!
Community Helper Day – Michelle Ternak Contact this committee
The Community Helper Day team coordinates the event by reaching out to community helpers and invites them to come to our school to visit with Kindergarten and 1st grades.   They will help with setting up stations for each attendee and will come up with a schedule for both grade levels.  This is a huge hit each year with the kids that get to attend!
Cultural Arts – Rachel Love, Catherine Smith Contact this committee
The United Arts Council offers enrichment programs in music, dance, literature, and visual arts to enhance the learning experience of students.  Volunteers are needed to help select and coordinate these programs for WES.
Family Nights – Michelle Ternak & Jennie Wilson Contact this committee
 Family Fun Nights bring Weatherstone families together for an evening of fun. This year our Family Fun night will be a roller skating party in January.
Field Day Contact this committee
This committee works closely with Mr. Mulford and Mr. Pearce to help with this fun health and fitness event held each spring.
Fifth Grade Activities – Kayte Thomas, 2 Open Contact this committee
This committee organizes the 5th grade activities including the 5th grade recognition ceremony, the class gift, a service project, the class t-shirt, and a class picnic.
Garden Team – open Contact this committee
The Garden Team is a great place to volunteer because you work as you have time and energy on predetermined garden goals.  Volunteers weed, spread mulch, remove leaves in parking areas, clip, and have been working on removing high maintenance plants that will be replaced with easy care plants.  Even a small amount of volunteer time can make a huge difference in our garden!   Please join us!
GoPlaySave Coupon Books – Laura Emsley, 1 open Contact this committee
Carry, clip and save! GoPlaySave coupon books offer great deals for WES families and friends.  Parents are asked to sell coupon books, and  volunteers are needed to help with the sales, marketing, and collecting money for the coupon books.  Please click here if you would like to help with this great fundraiser.
Grants – open
Grant opportunities are available through the government, foundations, and private corporations.  If you are interested in researching grant opportunities or writing grant proposals please volunteer.  This is a great way to raise funds for our school.  If you are interested in chairing, please click here.
Hospitality – Michelle Ternak, Jennie Wilson, Shannon Whitson Contact this committee
Volunteers are needed to help with hospitality services for PTA sponsored events.  This committee provides a variety of snacks, lunches, and special treats to members of the WES family.  You can help by donating food items.  This is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to be involved in the PTA but don’t have much volunteer time.
Information Sign – Michelle Ternat, 1 open Contact this committee
Volunteers are needed 1-2 times a month to change the main information sign at the front of the school.  It is based on the school calendar and typically requires a second volunteer to help manage the lifting and securing of the glass.
International Festival  – Kayte Thomas Contact this committee
This educational event will celebrate different cultures around the world.  A chair is needed to help plan and ensure that a wide representation of countries is displayed at this event.  Volunteers will be asked to supply information and food items that best represent their country.
Lost & Found – Jennifer Hagan Contact this committee
Volunteers are needed to help organize the lost and found area, return lost items, and assist with donating unclaimed items throughout the year.  Please don’t forget to label your children’s clothing because it helps the PTA reunite items where they belong!
Military Alliance for Parents and Partners – Catherine Smith Contact this committee
The Military Alliance for Parents and Partners (MAPP) is a new program through the National PTA.  More details on this program will follow soon.
Newsletter – Tracy Carter Contact this committee
Articles regarding PTA information and events are needed for the WES Explorer Express each week.  Please submit your articles here by noon Thursday of each week.
Nominating Committee – 3 spots open
A Nominating Committee is required under the NCPTA bylaws in order to help fill vacant positions for the next school year.  If you are interested, please click here.
Outdoor Classroom
Weatherstone has a great campus with many educational opportunities.  If you would like to help plan our outdoor classroom or are available for classroom enrichment opportunities, please let us know.
Reflections – Open Contact this committee
This program is a local, state, and national arts competition. The program encourages students to create works of art in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts. Volunteers are needed to plan and coordinate all activities associated with this program such as: publicity, judging, awards ceremony, and sending winning entries to the county competition.
Room Parent Coordinator – Leigh Mullins Contact this committee
The Room Parent Coordinator helps with information packets, training, and staff Pamper Me forms.
Running Club (WES Endurance Superstars) – Jenny Andreev Contact this committee
The Running Club has previously met every Friday morning from 8:00-8:45, weather permitting.  The purpose of this club is to promote health and fitness in a fun and positive environment.  The running club chair will keep track of how many laps each student runs each week, and the kids will collect toe tokens for each mile they complete.  The goal is for each student to complete 26.2 miles (a marathon) in one school year.
School Store – Shelley Shalhoub Contact this committee
Fifth grade students run the store as if it were their own business.  They learn all about inventory, sales, marketing, ordering, management, security, customer relations, responsibility and more!  Items are available for purchase twice a week before the first bell rings.  Volunteers are needed from 8:30-10:00 to supervise the kids while they sell items, and to help count money once the store closes for the day.
SchoolKidz School Supply Kits – Gurmit Rai Contact this committee
In the spring, parents may pre-purchase all the school supplies needed for the following year.  It’s one-stop shopping for busy parents, and any profits supports the PTA.  We are looking for someone to lead this program next school year (2016/2017) with training beginning in the fall with the distribution of this year’s kits.  Please contact this committee if you think you would be interested in leading and learning more about this program.  Program date:  April/May
Spirit Wear – Michael Welke Contact this committee
Spirit Wear is a great way to raise school spirit!  Volunteers are needed for t-shirt sales, collecting and sorting orders, and delivering to classes.
STEM Silent Auction & Raffle Baskets – Jennie Wilson Contact this committee
The Silent Auction will run during the STEM Expo in the spring.  Planning for silent auction starts as early as October 2015.  Volunteers are needed now to chair the event, make calls request donations, and run the auction.
Welcome Wagon– Kim Hall Contact this committee
The Welcoming Committee Chair will help with “welcome back to school” events as well as welcome new families to WES as they arrive throughout the school year.
WES STAFF Representative for PTA
We need a teacher currently a part of the Weatherstone staff to be a part of the PTA board.  If you would like to volunteer and for more information click here.
Yearbook – open Contact this committee
Volunteers take photographs for the yearbook.  Anyone with an interest in photography is encouraged to join this group of volunteers.
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